Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Below 14nm Requires Innovative New Products

Semiconductor Manufacturers Develop New Technology for Advanced Process Nodes

Synopsis: Advanced semiconductor manufacturers operating below the 14 nm technology node requires advances in lithography, mask, film and etch. With the complexities of modern chip circuit design, every step within the manufacturing process must be closely monitored in order to control and manage quality. By doing so, this will ensure the yield and performance of chips to achieve customer requirements.

For example, in-line fluid heaters play an important role during the semiconductor manufacturing process. Heateflex Corporation, a leader in precise temperature control in ultra-pure industrial applications, unveiled two new products for the in-line heating and heating/mixing of liquids used in semiconductor manufacturing at the SEMICON Taiwan show this year. Furthermore, Heateflex stated that the new products can support processes below the 14nm node.

Jorge Ramirez, President and CEO of Heateflex, said, “In-line heaters are usually incorporated into process fluid tanks. The new in-line heater is engineered to provide superior reliability and allows for a rapid response to process demands. The heater’s low mass allows it to reach temperature set points in reduced time with more uniformed heat distribution”.

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