PTFE and PFA Fluoropolymers: a Comparison of Particulate Contamination and Process Purity

Advanced semiconductors are now being manufactured at device geometries of 10 nm and below. At these dimensions, the chip’s circuitry is incredibly dense, and particulate contamination, which can lead to chip failure, is a major concern.

With particle contamination in mind, Heateflex Corporation and Saint-Gobain High Purity Systems partnered to conduct some experiments on two high-purity fluoropolymers, PTFE and PFA, commonly used for wetted parts in semiconductor manufacturing. These experiments clearly showed that PFA was a superior material for maintaining process purity in advanced semiconductor manufacturing applications.

Silicon Semiconductor has published the results of the Heateflex and Saint-Gobain experiments. See the article here from Issue 1, 2019, of the magazine.