Vesper™ PVDF/PFA Heat Exchangers

Vesper PVDF/PFA Heat Exchangers

The Vesper PVDF/PFA In-Line Heat Exchangers from Heateflex provide a variety of solutions for heating, cooling, and temperature trimming of fluids used in ultra-pure manufacturing processes, including deionized water, solvents, and Piranha/SC1. Models are available as stand-alone heat exchangers or as an integrated heater and heat exchanger featuring the efficient and patented Heateflex® heating coil. The heat exchanger housings are constructed with either Polypropylene, PVDF, or PFA materials, and the heat exchanger tube bundles are all-PFA for chemical compatibility. All Vesper models feature a compact design, with the maximum surface area in the smallest possible footprint to maximize heat transfer.

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  • Ultra-Pure Design
    • All-PFA Process Wetted Surfaces for Chemical Compatibility
  • Compact Design
    • Max Surface Area in the Smallest Footprint to Maximize Heat Transfer
    • Heat Exchangers are typically 10″ to 30″ tall and range from 2″ to 6″ in diameter
  • Flexible Solutions
    • Exchangers can be designed to meet your application needs
  • Ease of Installation
    • Plug and Connect
    • Easy Integration into Current Systems
  • Heat Exchanger and Heater are Integrated into One Housing in Certain Models
    • Designed to Heat and Cool
    • Uses Heateflex Patented Heating Coil


Heat Exchanger Only

  • Wetted Surface:
    • Process: PFA
    • Shell: Polypro/PFA, PVDF/PFA, or all-PFA
  • Exchanger: PFA Tubing
  • Temperature: 95°C (203°F) for Shell and 180°C (356°F) for Tubes
  • Pressure: Dependent on Model

Heater/Heat Exchanger

  • Wetted Surface: PFA
    • Process: PFA
    • Shell: Polypro/PFA, PVDF/PFA, or all-PFA
    • Heater: PVDF/PFA or all-PFA
  • Exchanger: PFA Tubing
  • Sizes: 2 kW to 5 kW (Dependent on Customer Voltage and Model)
  • Voltages: 200 VAC to 480 VAC, 1 phase (Dependent on Wattage)


VE Models – Heat Exchanger Only

ModelMaterial and HousingSurface Area
VEAShell Side: Poly Pro Housing; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle650 in²
VEB4Shell Side: PVDF Pipe; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle1,000 in²
VED1PFA Molded Housing Style; PFA Tube Bundle650 in²
VED4PFA Pipe Style; PFA Tube Bundle930 in²
(Fully Automated System)
Shell Side: PTFE/PFA Molded Housing; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle1,850 in²


VH Models – Heat Exchanger & Heater

ModelMaterial and HousingSurface Area
VHB3Shell Side: PVDF Molded Housing; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle; Heater Side: PVDF Pipe490 in²
VHB6Shell Side: PVDF Pipe Style; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle; Heater Side: PVDF Heater Pipe1,000 in²
VHH1Shell Side: PVDF Pipe Housing; Process Side: PFA Tube Bundle; Heater Side: PFA Heater Pipe1,000 in²


Microprocessor Based Temperature Controller in NEMA Rated External Switching Chassis provides a full plug-and- play system. Chassis includes controls and all components to meet your stringent heating demands.


  • Multiple Fitting Sizes and Designs
  • Thermal Cut Off
  • Harmony Cap
  • Drain
  • Type K Thermocouple

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