PFA Immersion Tank Fluid Heaters

PFA Immersion Tank Fluid Heaters


The Heateflex Corporation’s Immersion Tank Fluid Heaters are used to heat fluid baths to a constant temperature, and for other liquid heating applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries that require the direct application of clean heat evenly and efficiently. These immersion heaters are compact and highly customizable, providing for a maximum of process work area and reducing the amount of chemicals consumed. These heaters feature all-PFA wetted surfaces, and are designed for use in tanks made of PVDF, PFA, or quartz (please contact Heateflex with inquiries about other tank materials). Rugged and durable, they’re designed to stand up to aggressive process chemistries, as well as deionized water. Available in grid, frame, and fence models, with outputs from 1 kW to 30 kW.

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  • Ultra-Pure Design
    • PVDF/PFA Wetted Surfaces
  • Reliable Heating
    • Heats harsh chemicals
    • Max 200C Heating capability
    • Fully Tested
  • Fast Response
    • Low Watt Density; ≤ 4 watts/in²
  • Compact Design
    • Max power in smallest footprint
    • Grid Heaters – 3/4″ Height
    • Frame Heaters – 1-1/2″ Height
  • Flexible Solutions
    • Heaters designed to be easily integrated into most process tanks. Our customers provide us with their specifications and tank size and we can build a heater for them.
  • No N2 Purge Required


  • Heater: Patented Heateflex® Coil
  • Wetted Surface: All PFA
  • Sizes: 1.0kW to 30kW (Dependent on Customer Voltage)
  • Voltages: 120VAC to 480VAC 1 or 3ph (Dependent on Wattage)
  • Temperature: 200°C (392°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C (Contingent on Customer’s Facilitation)
  • Efficiency: >99%
  • MTBF: >10.29 years


ModelkWStandard HeightBenefits
Grid1-6 kW*3/4″Low Profile Design
Frame1-30 kW1-1/2″Low Profile Design for Higher kW’s
Fence1-10 kWVariableHeater on side of tank leaving center of tank open
*Higher kW available depending on size.
Other models available on request depending on kW, voltages, and dimensions.


Microprocessor Based Temperature Control


  • Platinum Ground Wire
  • Embedded Ground Wire
  • Type J Process Thermocouple
  • RTD Over Temp and Process Thermocouple
  • Perforated Top and Bottom Floor Grid
  • Raised Legs
  • Thermal Fuses
  • Special Cut Grids
  • Air 200 and 300 Controller