Heateflex Introduces New HC In-Line Heater and Heater/Mixers for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Innovative Design Provides Enhanced Cleanliness and

Reliability for Advanced Process Applications

TAIPAI, TAIWAN, September 2, 2015 – Heateflex Corporation, a leader in precise temperature control in ultra-pure industrial applications, today unveiled two new products for the in-line heating and heating/mixing of liquids used in semiconductor manufacturing. The HC In-Line Heater and Heater/Mixer fluoropolymer products feature a compact design and are engineered to provide superior reliability in demanding semiconductor manufacturing environments.

The new HC In-Line Heater features special internal fittings that eliminate seals, for increased reliability, and a welded top cap on the heating vessel removes the need for O-rings, which can lead to possible particle contamination. At the core of the heater is the specialized, low-mass Heateflex heating coil with an all-PFA wetted surface. This patented heating element allows for a rapid response to process demands, and its low mass allows the heater to reach temperature set points in the shortest amount of time with a more even heat distribution. The HC In-Line Heater is available in a variety of sizesand output options from 2 to10 kW, and from 120 to 480 voltages.

Heateflex has also introduced an HC In-Line Heater/Mixer product that combines the features and benefits of its in-line heater with a mixing capability, thereby combining heating and fluids mixing in one compact unit that is ideal for small space configurations. Up to three separate fluids at different flow rates can be combined in the mixer, and a combination of internal baffles and the heating element itself provide a uniformly-mixed, heated output fluid. The HC Heater/Mixer’s input manifold can also be rotated 360 degrees, allowing it to fit specific plumbing needs and saving space with vertical or horizontal installation.

“The new Heateflex HC In-Line Heater and In-Line Heater/Mixer meet the semiconductor industry’s concurrent needs for high reliability and process purity in an extremely compact design,” said Jorge Ramirez, President and CEO of Heateflex.  “We’re proud to add these two new products to our extensive line of ultrapure heating equipment for the most demanding industrial applications.”

About Heateflex

Heateflex Corporation specializes in gas and liquid temperature control applications for the semiconductor, life science, and other precision process industries. The company offers a broad range of customizable, high purity equipment for heating and cooling fluids and gases, including chemical heaters, deionized water heaters, gas heaters, steam heaters, and heat exchangers. These applications are able to control temperature with precision and efficiency and are adaptable to the specific needs of individual customer applications. The company maintains patents in over 17 technologies, and continuously develops next-generation tools for its target industry segments. For more information please visit http://www.heateflex.com.