Heateflex Introduces New HC In-Line Heaters and Heater/Mixers

The new products can be expected to adopt below the 10nm process

(Solid State Technology Taiwan)

Synopsis: Heateflex unveiled two new products for the in-line heating and heating/mixing of liquids used in semiconductor manufacturing at SEMICON Taiwan 2015. The HC in-line heater and heater/mixer fluoropolymer products featured a compact design and are engineered to provide superior reliability in demanding semiconductor manufacturing environments. As a result, these new products will be expected to apply beyond the 10nm process.

Jorge Ramirez, President and CEO of Heateflex, said, “More safety sensors are offered by the HC in-line heaters compared to previous versions. Current fabs are fully automated and there are not as many technicians on-site to monitor safety. Our former heaters had been used in 14nm processes whereas the latest ones can be expected to apply to 8nm”.

Heateflex’s new HC in-line heater features special internal fittings that eliminate seals, for increased reliability. It also includes a welded top cap on the heating vessel that removes the need for O-rings, which can lead to possible particle contamination. Heateflex has also introduced an HC in-line heater/mixer product that combines the features and benefits of its in-line heater with a mixing capability. Thus, combining heating and fluids mixing in one compact unit that is ideal for small space configurations.

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