Heateflex Hires Steve Eszeki as Sales Manager for SAFNA Division

ARCADIA, CA – Feb. 23, 2016 – Heateflex Corporation, a global leader in high-purity industrial heating systems, today announced that it has hired industry veteran Steve Eszeki as Sales Manager for the company’s SAFNA division. Eszeki will report to Steve Hausle, VP of Sales and Marketing at Heateflex. SAFNA, a manufacturer of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)-certified stainless steel and carbon steel pressure vessels and filter housings, was acquired by Heateflex in 2010.

Heateflex originally purchased SAFNA because the company wanted to expand its market opportunities into municipal projects applications, including potable and waste water treatment plants and water desalinization plants.  Heateflex and SAFNA share core competencies in their abilities to design, engineer, and manufacture precision fluid heating and cooling systems to meet custom requirements. Over the past several years, the company has worked on a number of successful municipality projects, including designing and building NSF-61 certified, pre-reverse osmosis filtration vessels for the City of Carlsbad, CA Desalination Project, as well as a multi-cartridge filter housing unit for the Simi Valley, CA Waterworks.

Eszeki comes to SAFNA and Heateflex from Roy E. Hanson Jr. Manufacturing, a venerable Los Angeles-based ASME Pressure Vessel manufacturer where he spent nearly 20 years as a sales engineer. While at Roy E. Hanson, he contributed significantly to that company’s ability to achieve greater sales of ASME-certified products. Eszeki, who holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Godollo, Hungary, has also taken considerable coursework in computer science and web design at various colleges around Southern California. With his additional skills developed in information technologies, Eszeki was able to build an automated sales and marketing tool while at Roy E. Hanson.

“The market opportunities for these municipal projects require manufacturing capabilities that are both highly regulated and specialized”, said Hausle.  “National certifications such as ASME and National Board Certification are often required just for bid consideration. Fortunately, we have both in our SAFNA capabilities, and now with Steve we have an individual who can sell into these markets. He knows the types of products and customer applications well, and he knows how to put together the sales tools and the contacts to further expand the SAFNA brand”.


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