Heateflex Heaters on Display at SEMICON Taiwan

Heateflex teamed up with the company’s distributor for Taiwan and China, SCH Electronics Co., Ltd., to exhibit at the recent SEMICON Taiwan trade show, held in Taipei, Taiwan from September 5-7. Heateflex exhibited both its Aquarius® deionized (DI) water heater and its HC model PFA ultra-pure in-line fluid heater.

Designed for high purity heating applications requiring accurate temperature control, the Aquarius features the innovative Power-to-Flow Control™ system. Power-to-Flow Control measures the temperature of the DI water at various steps in the heating process, and then adjusts the amount of power applied to the heating elements at each station, eliminating undesirable overshoots or drops in temperature.

The HC model in-line heater, in turn, is designed for point-of-use heating of aggressive acids and chemicals. Engineered with sub-14 nanometer processes in mind, the HC contains special internal fittings that do not require seals, as well as a welded top cap, eliminating O-rings and possible sources of particle contamination.

An annual event, SEMICON Taiwan is the premier trade show in Taiwan for the microelectronics manufacturing community. The 2018 show theme was advanced manufacturing and testing technologies for artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (I0T), and smart manufacturing/automation.


SEMI Taiwan visitors view Aquarius

Visitors to the SCH Electronics booth at SEMICON Taiwan review the Aquarius DI water heater