Demeter System Displayed at IAFP 2018

Heateflex participated in the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting and Convention, held in Salt Lake City, Utah from July 8-11. The company’s exhibit was focused on the innovative Demeter™ media preparation system for commercial food testing labs. Demeter automates the media preparation steps in testing for common food pathogens, including e coli, listeria, and salmonella. Compared to traditional manual testing methods, the system can provide a 7x increase in food testing productivity with greater test accuracy.

The IAFP Annual Meeting, billed as the leading food safety lab conference, provides a forum for the food production and distribution industry to meet and exchange information on how to protect the commercial food supply. Heateflex has been on hand for the show every year since 2016.

Visitors to the Heateflex booth at IAFP were eligible to enter a raffle for this new flat-panel TV at the end of the show