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Name: Nik Alings
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Subject: ERP Solutions
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Regional Manager, ERP Solutions
North America

From: Nik[mailto: [email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020
Subject: ERP Solutions


My name is Nik, and I know you are busy, so I’ll keep this quick.

We recently launched a new cloud-based Inventory Management/ERP platform that features E-Commerce and B2B, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Accounting, and DropShipping all in ONE platform.


Here are some features that might grab your attention-

Real-time integration with Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, 3D Cart, eBay, Amazon. And the list goes on…

Planning and Forecasting
Warehousing and Fulfillment ( WMS)
Kitting and Bundling
Work Orders and BOM’s (Multi-Level)
Integrated Accounting (inbuilt)
No need to use separate accounting app

Thinking about the pain of migrating the data from your current system? Our experts will do that for you in no time!

Interested? Please book a 10-minute call with one of our ERP experts and explore if there is a fit to work together.

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Stay safe and healthy!

Regional Manager, ERP Solutions
[email protected]
North America