Request #5478

Name: michael slaughter
Company: Abbott
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 864-633-9142
City: liberty
State: sc
Subject: RTD failure on heater
Message: We installed a heater model # LH1-1-12-C-A41-P686 Serial# USA-LH0719-3 and the Hi-Limit RTD (the one not paired with a power lead) had a problem reading right after installation. We run it through a PLC and right away we had to Offset the temp just to get it to run, which we have never had to do. The next day I had to offset it again. Clearly the RTD was failing so I removed one from a new heater and replaced and the offset went back to normal. Could you please send us another RTD to replace the one I took off the new heater. And also send me a quote for that part so I can set up as a spare part incase we have this issue again.