Request #5450

Name: Noah Bennett
Company: AMSC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9789417703
City: Ayer
State: MA
Subject: Quote for SGH1-750 Heater
Message: I would like a quote for the SGH1-750 heater as well as the SGH1-1500 heater. I am looking for a plug and play system so I will also need the temperature controller and any information about the plumbing fittings, wiring, etc. used to connect to this unit.
I would also like information about the multi-heater manifolds you sell and the different configurations that I can pick from.
There is a good possibility that my process gas’s temperature will be read both close to the unit and also a great distance away. As such I would like to use a 4 wire RTD to ensure accuracy of temperature measurement over those long distances. Does the heater support TCs and RTDs and if so can I connect a 4 wire unit to the temperature controller?
I will likely purchase 6 of these units so if you could quote a quantity of 2, 4, and 6 in the event that a volume discount can be applied that would be great.
I would greatly appreciate a prompt response, thanks.