Request #5218

Name: Debra M Maxwell
Company: Rocket Representatives
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 408-508-8745
State: CA
Subject: Engineering
Message: I am the area General Cable agent for the OEM market vertical. Here to help and aide engineers in making wise, cost effective selections that are also easily obtained within the CM marketplace as well. I would like to share a valuable tool that is now available to you: “the AP” available in both iphone and Android formats. Look for the General Cable Green logo with a white book and the page is turning up. The AP is General Cable’s entire library bookcase. It’s the only one of its kind. You can also access this information at:
I am also available to you at the contact information I am leaving to answer any questions you might have such as where to get a sample, or what distributor do I suggest that possibly has inventory. I look forward to hearing from you in helping you make a wiser wire and cable choice moving forward.

Stay safe and stay put,