Request #5071

Name: Chulchae Choi
Company: GODO ENG
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 82-31-378-1780
City: Pyeongtaek
State: Gyeonggi-Do , Korea
Subject: In-line chemical Heater
Message: Dear,

I am looking for suitable in-line heater to heat up electrolyte
from 8 to 20 Celsius degree.
Flow rate 6kg/min and specific heat of the electrolyte is 0.5.
Based on my rough calculation, 4kW heater will be enough.
Electrolyte is acid.
My major concern is, heating range is very narrow , only delta T is about 10 Celsius degree.

If you have proper one, Please recommend it to me .
We need total 17 in-line heaters.


Chulchae Choi