Request #5061

Name: Justin Juranovits
Company: Raytheon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5084901040
City: Marlborough
State: MA
Subject: Heat Inquiry
Message: Hello! I am interested in an inline process heater with high watt density and capabilities to work in extreme and corrosive environments. It would be an approximately 20 kW heater for 60% EGW at a nominal temperature of 43 deg C operating on 3 phase 480 VAC. The ambient temperature range is -46 deg C to +66 deg C. All wetted surfaces must be passivated 316 stainless steel or aluminum (no copper+alloys). Any enclosure would have to be moisture/explosion proof and treated from extremely corrosive environments. Ideally we would want it mounted via a threaded interface (ORB or similar) or connections per SAE AS1650, if a ANSI flange is required, then the smaller the better. The proof pressure should be at least 200 psig. Please reach out to me to discuss potential solutions you could offer! Thanks!