Request #5057

Name: Concepcion Stimson
Company: CentTip Co.,Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 06821 49 68 02
City: Neunkirchen
State: TH
Subject: Invite you to review our services
Message: Invite you to review our services


I’m is Stimson from Centtip.
Centtip cooperates with Automattic, Google adsense, etc., provides them with data that webmasters’ opinions on their product.

I am contacting you because we are looking for webmaster/blogger/business owner like you to test our service.

The companies spend billions of dollars each year to obtain survey data.
Centtip pays each member *** dollars daily for their opinions.

If you are interested, please visit:

Thank you for your time,

Concepcion Stimson