Heating Products for Ultra-Pure Heating

Heateflex Ultra-Pure Heating Products are 100% PFA jacketed and are as rugged as they are acid resistant.

Our engineers have perfected the techniques for manufacturing Heateflex® heating products from PFA. Heateflex® heaters combines PFA technology, small mass, and a large surface area to provide longer life at elevated temperatures. Because the coils are extremely flexible, they are capable of being fashioned into an endless variety of shapes and sizes. With quality and durability in mind, the heaters are designed into a wide range of standard and customized products. Heateflex’s heating products are designed to heat various process fluids including chemical solutions like SC1 and Piranha solution. In addition, the heaters are built to heat inert gases, deionized water, and other aggressive chemicals.

Furthermore, Heateflex manufactures microprocessor-based temperature controllers using the latest technology to accurately control the temperature of the process fluid. This includes the Heateflex patented Power-to-Flow® protection on our Aquarius® deionized water heating systems which is our latest innovation.

In the early 2000s, Heateflex acquired Fluidix‘s Steam Powered DI Water Heating System to enhance our product line. Throughout the world, these units heat massive amounts of DI Water and allow us to provide large amounts of DI Water to service a complete facility.

Call on Heateflex, your ultra-pure heating specialist, to bring our safety, quality, and experience into your workplace.