History of Heateflex: Ultra-Pure Heating Solutions

Since 1974, Heateflex has led the way in providing ultra-pure heating solutions to the semiconductor, life science, food and beverage, medical devices, and many other industries. Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing high quality, high performing, reliable products to our customers.

The company has always maintained high standards of meeting the industry’s stringent demands for increased safety, quality and performance. In addition, our engineering team consistently strives to design products to better combine our customers’ needs with improved material technologies.

Heateflex offers customization for our wide range of high-purity equipment for heating fluids and gases. Many of which includes chemical heaters, deionized water heaters, gas heaters, steam heaters, and heat exchangers. These applications are able to control temperatures with extreme precision and efficiency. Further equipped with our microprocessor-based temperature controllers, the heaters can be built to adapt to the specific needs of customer applications.

The company maintains a strong patent portfolio, providing a foundation of innovation and protection for our worldwide customer base. Our award-winning engineering team continuously develops next-generation tools and applications to serve the changing needs of the industry and our customers.

Heateflex’s manufacturing facility is based in Arcadia, CA where the main focuses are fluoropolymer construction and assembly.

In July 2019, Heateflex was acquired by White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG). White Knight Fluid Handling Inc. manufactures fluid handling equipment used to deliver, circulate, dispense, and reclaim high-purity fluids. Some of the processes include corrosive alkaline or acidic chemical solutions, and toxic liquids such as fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, and wastewater. The addition of Heateflex to White Knight is part of an overall Graco strategy to deliver expanded products, technology and services to a growing list of customers int he worldwide semiconductor and solar markets.

Call on Heateflex for your ultra-pure heating solutions, to bring our safety, quality, and experience into your manufacturing processes.