Sanitary Design In-Line Fluid Heater

Sanitary Design In-Line Fluid Heater


The Heateflex sanitary design in-line fluid heater is designed for demanding sanitary processing applications within the semiconductor, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food & beverage industries. This 316L electropolished stainless steel heater is a true sanitary design, with zero threads, zero dead legs, and complete drainability to reduce particle entrapment and bacteria growth, and to prevent microbial contamination. The heater features a removable element and end cap for cleaning and welding inspection. Available in multiple voltages, and with heater outputs from 12 kW to 24 kW.


  • High purity sanitary design
  • Polished and passivated 316L stainless steel surfaces
  • Patented tri-clover sanitary fittings between the heater and the housing eliminates threads, reducing particle entrapment and potential bacteria growth
  • Zero dead legs to prevent microbial contamination
  • Heating element UR & CSA listed
  • Input on bottom of heater for gravity draining
  • Removable end cap for easy inspection


  • Tri-clover input and output
  • Stainless steel J-box
  • 316L stainless steel electropolished wetted surfaces
  • 32 Roughness Average finish (other RA finishes available)
  • Outputs: 12 to 24 kW
  • Voltages: 208 VAC, 400 VAC, and 480 VAC (3-ph)
  • Connection (Input/Output): 1″ Tri-Clover
  • Temperature: 203º F (95º C)
  • Pressure: 60 PSIG @ 95º C
  • Safeties: high-limit thermocouple (other safeties available)


  • ASME BPE design available for high-hygienic applications