HC In-Line Fluid Heater

HC In-Line Fluid Heater


The recently-introduced HC In-Line Fluid Heater is the result of innovative engineering and design that includes special internal fittings to eliminate seals, as well as the welding of the top cap to the heater vessel. This combination eliminates the need to use O-rings in the heater’s construction, reducing a source of possible contaminants and improving reliability. Only PFA materials come into contact with wetted surfaces.

The proprietary Heateflex heater element provides exceptional heat stability (plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius over a 10 minute test), with an extremely low watt density compared to competitive heaters,  for increased heater reliability and life.

The HC In-Line Fluid Heater is the most compact design of any in-line fluid heater available on the market. Models with wattages from 2 kW to 10 kW are available, and from 120 to 480 volts.



  • Special internal fittings isolate threads from process fluid
  • Zero O-rings or seals assures only PFA contact for wetted surfaces
  • Meets all relative UL 499, SEMI S2, & SEMI S3 standards
  • Junction box designed to isolate heater and sensor lead wires from atmosphere
  • Improved sensor reading accuracy with redesigned liquid level bracket
  • Most compact design of any in-line fluid heater


  • Liquid-Level Sensor and Unique Bracket
  • Process Thermocouple
  • Hi-Limit Thermocouple
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Platinum-Tipped Ground Wire
  • Separate convoluted tubes for lead wires and sensor leads
  • Optional temperature controller
  • Optional embedded ground wire


  • PFA Heater Housing Construction
  • PFA-Jacketed Heater Element
  • Process Fluid In/Out: ¾” Flare (other fittings available)
  • Drain: ½” Flare
  • Max Temperature: 180°C
  • Pressure Rating: 60 psi @ 120°C
  • Watts: Sizes ranging from 2-10 kW
  • Heater Voltage: Most voltages available
  • Mounting Brackets