Gambrinus Total Package Oxygen (TPO) Reducer

Gambrinus Total Package Oxygen (TPO) Reducer


The Gambrinus Total Package Oxygen (TPO) Reducer is a robust and reliable stainless steel electrical heater designed for food & beverage industry applications. Pilot installations in commercial beer bottling lines have shown that Gambrinus can significantly lower the TPO in a bottle of beer, increasing the shelf life of the product and enhancing the quality and flavor consistency.  The heater connects to a pump and jetting tip when installed in the bottling line, and becomes an integral component of the bottling subsystem in the packaging plant.

Gambrinus features a patented sanitary fitting that minimizes bacteria growth.  A miniscule amount of heated and filtered water is injected into the neck of each beer bottle, causing correct foaming characteristics. The foaming removes oxygen in the neck of the bottle before the beer is crowned. High temperature leaves the jetting tip dry and sterile.

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  • Robust and Reliable Electric Heater
  • Lower Total Package Oxygen
  • Increased Shelf Life of Carbonated Beverages
  • Enhanced Quality & Flavor Consistency
  • Minimized Bacteria Growth Through Sanitary Fitting
  • Easy and Quick Cleaning of Sanitary Fitting
  • When Connected in a Bottling Line to a Jetting Tip, the Heat Leaves the Jetting Tip Dry and Sterile
  • Heat and High Pressure Ensures Proper Foam Characteristics Before Crowning


  • 316L Stainless Steel In-Line Heater
  • Electro-Polished
  • Sanitary Fitting Between Heating Module and Cap
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • ASME U-Stamped Pressure Vessel
  • Optional Controls


  • Pressure rating: 100 psi at 85°C max
  • Plumbing: ½” Sanitary Ferrule, Input/Output
  • Pressure Relief: ¼” Tube, Oxygen Service
  • Hi-Limit Thermocouple: Type J
  • Process Thermocouple: Type J
  • Food Grade Viton® O-Ring