Fluidix® Steam-Driven Deionized (DI)  Water Heater System

Fluidix® Steam-Driven Deionized (DI) Water Heater System

Since 1982, the Fluidix Steam-Driven Deionized Water Heater System from Heateflex has offered the semiconductor industry a low-cost alternative to using electricity to heat large volumes of DI water. All heaters are field-tested and verified for reliability, and feature a long-life expectancy of more than 10 years. Fluidix equipment heats over 400 million gallons of DI water a year throughout the semiconductor industry, and many of the original units are still in production. The PVDF/PFA wetted flow path in the Fluidix heater ensures the highest levels of DI water purity, and uniform process temperatures are maintained via PLC/touchscreen controls. Models are available with flow rates from 15 to 100 gallons-per-minute, and with temperature heating ranges from 20 to 95 degrees C.

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  • Ultra-Pure Design
    • PVDF/PFA Wetted Surfaces
  • Low Cost of Operation
    • Utilizes Steam which costs less compared to an electric heater
  • Precise Temperature Control
    • PLC with Mixing Valve Temperature Control for ±0.5°C
  • Reliable Technology
    • Over 30 years of proven technology; providing over 400 million gallons of heated DI Water


  • Wetted Surface: PVDF/PFA
  • Sizes: From 500,000 – 3,000,000 Btu/hr or Approximately 200kW – 800kW
  • Temperature: Ambient to 95°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C (Contingent on Customer’s Facilitation)
  • Flow: 0.5GPM (1.9LPM) to 100GPM (378LPM)
  • Pressure: Steam Side: 15PSI; Process Side: 68PSI

Safety Features:

  • Steam Side
    • Over Temperature RTD
  • Process Side
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • Process Low-Pressure Monitor
    • Leak Detection
    • Auto-Isolation with Cold Bypass


PC-32731538″L x 38″W x78″H
PC-57602557″L x 57″W x78″H
PC-68103057″L x 57″W x78″H
PC-112174068″L x 68″W x78″H
PC-113505068″L x 68″W x78″H
*Higher Flow Rates Available


PLC/Touch Screen Control


  • Remote Touch Screen
  • Auto Isolation Contamination Prevention System
  • Ethernet
  • Training

Contact Heateflex at (626) 599-8566 to learn more about other options.