Heateflex brings years of experience in partnerships with representatives and distributors globally. Contact Heateflex directly to be connected with your U.S.-based representative. Global distributor contact information is listed below.

Worldwide Representatives

United States Representatives

Northwest Region

Northern California Region


Northeast Region

Demeter Representative

European Representatives

SPS-Europe B.V. (Head Office Europe)

SPS Europe GmbH (Germany)

S.P.S. Ltd. (United Kingdom)

S.P.S. bvba (Belgium)

S.P.S. bvba (France)

S.P.S. bvba (Italy)

MYG-Tech Ltd.

Asia Representatives

DaeShin Tech Company Ltd.

Hugle Electronics Inc.

SCH Electronics Co., Ltd.

SPS-Asia Technology Pte. Ltd.

Pallas Technology Co., Limited