Heateflex brings years of experience in partnerships with representatives and distributors globally. Contact Heateflex directly to be connected with your U.S.-based representative. Global distributor contact information is listed below.

Worldwide Representatives

United States Representatives

Northwest Region

Northern California Region

Southern California and Texas

Southwest Region

Northeast Region

Demeter Representative

European Representatives

SPS-Europe B.V. (Head Office Europe)

SPS Europe GmbH (Germany)

S.P.S. Ltd. (United Kingdom)

S.P.S. bvba (Belgium)

S.P.S. bvba (France)

S.P.S. bvba (Italy)

MYG-Tech Ltd.

Asia Representatives

DaeShin Tech Company Ltd.

Hugle Electronics Inc.

SCH Electronics Co., Ltd.

SPS-Asia Technology Pte. Ltd.

Pallas Technology Co., Limited