Fluid Heating

Heateflex provides a variety of patented, uniquely engineered ultra-pure, flexible precision systems to heat various chemical and plating solutions, gases, solvents and deionized water. Our award-winning engineers design and manufacture components from PFA, applied to patented PFA heating technology, achieving a small mass with a large surface area that provides faster response and longer life at elevated temperatures. The extremely flexible high-output coils are capable of being fashioned into an almost endless variety of shapes and sizes. The resulting heaters outlast competing products of lesser capability and are designed into a wide range of standard and customized products.

Stainless steel product lines include heaters with a proprietary sanitary tri-clamp between the heating element and housing. The sanitary fitting eliminates standard threads for optimal cleaning and minimization of microbial growth. Stainless steel products are ideal for handling high-pressure and high-temperature applications.